About Us

35 years ago Occupational Safety and Health Associates – or OSHA Aust – was launched by a small team with a passion for providing the highest quality of health and safety training and consulting. Over the years OSHA has expanded and gained immense experience across a range of industry sectors.

However, the intrinsic passion for the highest quality of health and safety remains constant.

Rather than just do policies and procedures, we put PEOPLE back into work (& occupational) health and safety – WHS or OHS. And ‘work’ is something we DO, not just a place we go.

Our clients from across Australia and around the world tell us that they choose OSHA because of the breadth of our experience and our practical and effective approach. OSHA’s unique expertise lies in using health and safety as the ‘window to your organisation’. By working with your people – from the top to the bottom – about their perceived health and safety issues we are able to pinpoint other opportunities to improve the way the whole organisation functions. We believe health and safety concerns often indicate other more fundamental issues, so we explore the opportunities to add value to the whole organisation – not just through controlling hazards and risks to peoples’ health, safety and well-being – but through overall organisational health, productivity and morale.

Global clients that benefit from OSHA’s practical and realistic approach, include DuPont, ExxonMobil, Nufarm, Motorola, Aust Dept of Defence, Thales (Aust Defence Industries), FM Global, Goulburn-Murray Water, Fluor, Kodak, Boral, Dept of Justice (Vic), Esso, BP, National Rail Corporation, Mercer (Aust), Telstra, Thiess, Sumitomo (ABA), GSK, CSIRO.

OSHA is committed and passionate about helping people at all levels in an organisation, not only improve the standards of their working conditions, but moreover making their organisation more ‘fun’ to be part of.

Dr David McIvor

Managing Director


With over 35 years experience David has assisted many Australian and international companies, to help them address their work safety, health and risk management needs. He has experience in manufacturing, transport & logistics, chemicals, construction, utilities – and many more sectors. David has a passion for providing the highest quality of health and safety training and consulting and strives to make work and workplaces safer for everyone. He is the author of the “Working from Home Safety Handbook – An Employee Guide to Working Safely from Home” and Overuse Injuries – the RSI Phenomenon (on the causes and prevention of work-related musculo-skeletal disorders), now updated and available as an e-book “Overuse Injuries – the RSI Phenomenon REVISITED“.


Sandy Doull

Senior Consultant
Sandy Doull has a comprehensive understanding and persuasive approach to working with people in a wide range of organisations to improve the management of health and safety. He has worked with a wide range of clients in all industry sectors in the areas of OHS auditing, Systems Development and Implementation, Hazop Studies and Safety in Design Reviews.

Prue Hardiman

Senior Training Consultant
Prue has expertise in OHS management systems, ergonomics, hazard and risk management, training and auditing. She has extensive experience in the design and delivery of health and safety training programs across a wide range of health and safety areas.

Grace Guo

Admin / IT Manager / NESB Facilitator
Grace is our Administration Manager, looking after our ‘back office’ functions, event bookings and information technology. She has a background in electrical engineering and is fluent in Mandarin and ‘Shanghainese’, as well as (Australian) English.