Sandy Doull


… and if not, what can we do to reduce the risks? While mobile phone technology is absorbing a great deal of peoples’ time and money and is undoubtedly distracting, especially while driving, most of us see this technology as useful. However, most of us also are aware of the somewhat vague warnings of risks of brain tumours which implies, for some, deadly …


The Reality of Stress Illnesses in Schools

Hundreds of people in the teaching profession every year break down under the strains.  Globally the teaching profession is recognised as imposing high levels of metal and psychological strains.  The consequences of this in modern Australia are becoming increasingly stark as the data on the numbers of principals and teachers experiencing psychological breakdown – and the …

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Principals Health Safety and Wellbeing Study

It is now well understood that sustained high levels of stress can have serious physical and mental health consequences including starkly shortened life expectancy. In 2011 British research into the prevalence of work related metal illness reported that “work related stress was higher in education than across all other industries… with work-related mental ill-health almost …

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