Consulting Services

At OSHA we offer personalised consulting services and are committed to partnering with you to find the right solution to your health and safety needs. We pride ourselves on creating customised programs that are practical, effective and affordable. Our consultants have over 30 years hands-on experience in providing OHS consultant services in a wide range of industry sectors. By working along side all levels of personnel we ensure effective integration of our safety programs into your workplace. OSHA is committed and passionate about helping you not only improve the standards of your working conditions, but moreover making your organisation more ‘fun’ to be part of.

WHS and OHS Audits, Appraisals and Assessments 
Our Audits, Appraisals and Assessments help your organisation to pinpoint and be proactive in controlling health and safety risks. It helps to prevent potential issues and ensures your organisation is complying with relevant health and safety legislation.  Our auditing services include:

  • Comprehensive, independent assessments of the client’s work health and safety/risk management program, performance and climate
  • Assessment to identify the nature and extent of problems and develop practical, workable improvement strategies
  • Determine where you are now, how far there is to go – and how to get there!
  • Rated according to our WHS Performance Rating Scale

OHS Program Design and Implementation 
We understand that there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf health and safety program. At OSHA we are committed to working with your organisation to create a customised program to provide the most effective solution for you. Our programs include:

  • Designing the most appropriate program and structure for the organisation, to ensure the optimum WHS and OHS management processes
  • Building on the strengths identified and tackling the weaknesses
  • Integrating strategies and programs for rehabilitation / return-to-work and compensation claims management

Identification, Assessment and Control of Hazards 
We partner with your organisation to identify risks, and create effective solutions. Our programs are practical and affordable and have had success time and time again. Our programs include:

  • Identification of workplace hazards associated with the environment, design, equipment, systems and human/people factors
  • Assessment of risk (including risk matrices, nomograms, HAZOP, FMEA, etc)
  • Application of the hierarchy of controls to determine the most appropriate solutions

Chemicals and Hazardous Substance 
Each organisation has a unique system when it comes to systems relating to chemicals and hazardous substances. We will work with your organisation to ensure that an effective and maintainable system is in place in your workplace. We will also work with all personnel to ensure effective integration. Our chemical and hazardous substance services include:

  • Safe handling, storage and transport of chemicals and hazardous substances
  • Placarding and “Hazchem” requirements
  • Information and systems for non-chemists and chemists

At OSHA we believe that prevention is better that cure. We look at the overall interaction between your people, their work and the environment to ensure your workplace is set up in a manner which will avoid potential risk. Our consultants will assess:

  • Safe design and operation of work places, tasks, systems, plant and equipment
  • Prevent muscular skeletal disorders (MSD – manual handling and overuse injuries)

The Ergotape is an ergonomics measuring tool available through OSHA.  It is based on a 2 metre tape measure, contains over 50 separate ergonomic specifications, hints and measures and comes with a detailed User Guide. For further details or order the ergotape visit

Application of OHS Systems 
40+ years of operation has lead to OSHA developing heath and safety systems which meet heightening industry standards and legislative requirements, which can be easily understood by team members and reliably applied to organisation. Our systems are based on:

  • ISO, AS/NZS standards
  • ISNet World criteria

Onsite OHS Coordinator Services 
OSHA can provide practical, onsite guidance to ensure effective implementation of your health and safety program. We consult with your key personnel to build an understanding of your business and provide on-going practical assistance, advice and information.

  • On-going practical assistance, advice and information
  • Providing a work health and safety resource to the organisation and its people managing WHS and OHS responsibilities for contractors

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