Encouraging Safe Behaviours (2 days)*

Eager to Encourage Safe Behaviour in Your Workplace?

This program is based on the Safety Culture & Leadership program successfully conducted in Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

The Encouraging Safe Behaviours 2 day workshop will train participants in:

  • Reaching agreement on perception of hazard and risk
  • Understanding why some people adopt unsafe behaviours
  • Factors that determine a person’s behaviour
  • The relative costs/benefits of safe vs unsafe behaviours
  • confronting existing attitudes and beliefs about health and safety
  • being pro-active: concentrating on things we ourselves can influence and control
  • identify and reinforce desired WHS behaviours at work
  • personal contributions to the safety culture –  the safe behaviour pledge

Who Should Attend: all people with an interest in work health and safety.

* This course is only offered as an in-house program.

Contact our team of qualified experts to arrange in-house training for your team.