Work Health & Safety in the HealthCare Sector

Caring for the Care Givers

Healthcare involves hospitals, clinics, dental offices, out-patient surgery centres, birthing centres, emergency medical care, home healthcare, and nursing homes. Health care practitioners include nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals.
There are approximately 700 public hospitals in Australia (providing about two-thirds (62,000) of all hospital beds) and 630 private hospitals.  There are some 360,000 full-time equivalent staff employed in public hospitals and 66,800 staff in private hospitals.

OSHA is collaborating with WorkSafety Pty Ltd (HealthCare) and Dr David McIvor to partner with you to find the right solution to your organisation’s health and safety challenges and needs.

WorkSafety HealthCare CEO Dr David McIvor has addressed the 2019 national conference of the ‘Health Excellence Institute of Australia’.
His talk focussed on “Work Safety in Health Care”.
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We pride ourselves on creating customised programs that are practical, effective and affordable. Our consultants have over 35 years hands-on experience in providing OHS consulting services and training across the health sector – hospitals, aged care, community centres. By working alongside all levels of personnel, we ensure the effective integration of health and safety into your health & human services workplace.

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OSHA offers a “one-stop shop” for work health & safety issues in your organisation.


W/OHS Gap Audits, Appraisals and Assessments Our Audits, Appraisals and Assessments help your healthcare organisation pinpoint and be proactive in controlling health and safety risks. It helps to prevent potential issues and ensures your organisation is complying with relevant health and safety legislation and government requirements.

Determine where you are now, how far there is to go –
and how to get there!

Help with Health & Safety Management Systems

We offer organisations in the healthcare system specific assistance with the implementation of an appropriate Health & Safety Management System and associated issues.

Health & Safety Training for the Healthcare Sector

Over the last 35 years, Occupational Safety and Health Associates have been a recognised leading designer and presenter of results-oriented yet entertaining W/OHS training activities. Since becoming the first private provider to receive approval to conduct 5-day courses for supervisors and managers in 1987, OSHA has gained the reputation of being the go-to organisation for health and safety training.

Our healthcare-sector training programs acknowledge the needs and issues of hospitals, aged care centres – and all organisations in the healthcare sector.  We work with you in designing a customised program that will suit your organisation both in meeting its health and safety needs and in entertaining your employees along the way.

OSHA training promotes communication, co-operation and consultation. Our trainers are highly qualified and are experts in delivering a message that is clear and practical. They strive to make it as user-friendly and enjoyable as possible to ensure that your employees leave feeling positive and enthused about maintaining health and safety in your workplace. We have a vast range of courses ranging from 2-hour briefings, to 5-day approved courses.

Here is what some participants in our training programs have said:

  • we were highly active and involved
  • possibly the best course I have ever attended (from a teacher!)
  • I learned a great deal
  • a better understanding of what to do and how to do it
  • a very enjoyable and worthwhile course
  • we had fun – and we learnt a lot.

We are approved by Comcare and WorkSafe Victoria to conduct both HSR Initial 5-day and Annual 1-Day HSR Refresher Courses. We also conduct other hands-on, practical workshops for the healthcare sector.

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