Healthcare involves hospitals, clinics, dental offices, out-patient surgery centres, birthing centres, emergency medical care, home healthcare, and nursing homes. Health care practitioners include nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals.

Work in the healthcare sector is not necessarily safe or healthy. More workers are injured in the healthcare and social assistance industry sector than any other. This industry has one of the highest rates of work related injuries and illnesses. Healthcare work is not necessarily safe or healthy.  In fact, it can be quite hazardous!

OSHA Healthcare has the strategies to identify, define and tackle these work health and safety issues and challenges.

With over 35 years of experience providing practical assistance services to the healthcare sector (including the Austin, Freemasons, (etc) Hospitals, several Aged Care facilities, Early Development Centres and government departments), we understand the problems and stand ready to assist your healthcare organisation identify and tackle these work health and safety issues.

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