MAKING HSE MY BUSINESS – New Generation ‘Safety Leadership’ & ‘Safe Behaviours’ Course*

Looking to Develop a Culture of Safety Leadership and Safe Behaviours in Your Workplace?

Run in-house for groups of 10-20 – ‘Next generation Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) training’


an exciting new concept in safety leadership and developing work safety cultures – merging work and environmental health & safety, exploring principles of safety, culture and risk, understanding why some people take risks, the importance of emotional intelligence and developing skills for effective interventions.


Assumptions we make about each participant – Health, Safety and Environment is YOUR business. So:

  1. You are an HSE leader
  2. You exercise power and influence
  3. You must be willing to modify your own behaviour before asking someone else to change
  4. More reporting of near hits/misses is important in order to reduce risky behaviours and injuries
  5. You need to understand conflict in order to manage conflict
  6. You need to be assertive
  7. You need to recognise and manage your own emotions
  8. You need to be able to give and receive feedback
  9. In giving feedback, you need to be able to de-personalise situations
  10. You need to be able to observe – and address – risky behaviours / risky situations.

OBJECTIVES: As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. link occupational health and safety, environmental safety and quality initiatives
  2. create a just, flexible, reporting and learning approach to HSE
  3. encourage people to work collaboratively across departments
  4. build a culture of “Find It and Fix It”
  5. understand why some people take risks
  6. develop skills to address people who are taking risks
  7. develop skills of people at observing risky behaviours and
  8. develop skills at intervention and ‘confrontation.
[Specific objectives developed in consultation with client management]

This program has been conducted successfully across Australia, in Europe (for participants from several countries), USA, Canada, Malaysia and Brazil.


David McIvor

Director and founder of Occupational Safety and Health Associates; David has provided a broad range of WHS/risk management consulting services and training to clients for over 30 years, both in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific Region; clients include DuPont, Nufarm, Telstra, CSIRO

The program references material from:

“Safety, Culture & Risk” and “Lessons from Gretley – Mindful Leadership and the Law” (Andrew Hopkins, CCH Aust),

”7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen Covey

“The General Managers”, John Kotter

“Emotional Intelligence”, Daniel Goleman

“Flirting With Disaster – Why Accidents Are Rarely Accidental”, Marc Gerstein

* This course is only offered as an in-house program.

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