OSHA offers to Victorian schools and colleges a wide range of OHS courses ranging from 2-hour briefings, one day HSR Refreshers & Overview workshops to 5-day Worksafe-Approved courses. Please review the individual options below for more information (including available training dates). 

We offer discounts off our course fees for participants from schools and colleges and other organisations in the Victorian Education system.

  • 5 days
  • WorkSafe Victoria approved
  • Primarily designed for HSRs - and their deputies
  • Particularly suited to people from schools and colleges
  • A practical and interactive course led by highly experienced trainers/ consultants.
  • Discounted course fees for participants in the Education system.
  • 1 day
  • WorkSafe Victoria approved
  • Overview of new and recent developments with the Victorian OHS legislation
  • Reviews the role, powers and rights of HSRs
  • Suited to people from schools and colleges
  • 2 day workshop
  • For people new to the role and for more experienced participants who have been fulfilling the role for some time
  • This course provides OHS Management Nominees with clear practical strategies on what to do and how to do it!
  • Provides managers and supervisors with a clear overview of their duties and responsibilities