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The Working From Home Safety Handbook
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The Ergotape
The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for Ergonomics

The Ergotape is an ergonomics measuring tool. It is based on a 2 metre tape measure and contains over 50 separate ergonomic specifications, hints and measures. It comes with a detailed User Guide.

It’s been called something of a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for anyone interested in ergonomics. In addition to the information contained on the tape, it includes a spirit level to establish angles of work surfaces and a mirror to orient computer screens and identify sources of annoying reflections.

The Ergotape is not just for screen-based equipment workstations. In fact the Ergotape has application for all workplaces – including factories, production lines, sales areas and so on. In fact, the range of applications is limited only by the ingenuity of the user.

The Ergotape is designed to be useable by anyone – Safety Professional, Health and Safety Representative, engineer, architect, ergonomist – indeed, anyone with an interest in establishing a properly designed and adjusted workstation. Rather than carry around volumes of standards and specifications, all the relevant information is contained on the one unit that fits comfortably in the hand, pocket or handbag. And is simple enough to be used by anyone when a safety officer or ergonomist is unavailable.

The OHS Resource Centre of OSHA is the sole supplier of The Ergotape.


EBook: Overuse Injuries – The RSI Phenomenon REVISITED
This EBook discusses the benefits of alternating between a sitting and standing workstation

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