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‘I have worked with David for many years in Australia, UK, Canada, USA and Brazil. He is a trusted associate who combines technical expertise with a remarkable ability to introduce systems and training to help ensure employees create and sustain safe and healthy work places.’

John Kumnick

Managing Director, JKS Consulting Pty Ltd

‘David’s approach to health and safety training is the most effective that I have experienced. He helped our people explore the behaviors that ultimately lead to unsafe acts. The course work was entertaining and thought provoking.’

Tom Lyons

Vice President, Nufarm Limited North Americas Operations

‘I highly recommend David – he is professional, respectful, thorough and passionate about what he does. My brother was killed in an industrial accident 35 years ago. If only people like David and his team were around then!’

Wayne Enright

Free Spirit Adventures / Healthy Teams

‘David has worked … in the UK, Brazil, Canada and throughout Australia. He has a unique approach to HSE in that he does not simply lecture but engages the workforce completely with his ability to involve and captivate the audience. People come away truly believing that they can “make a difference”. This has been successful across continents and different languages and cultures. He is passionate, knowledgeable and highly respected.’

Mick Lunn

Group Manager HSE, Nufarm Ltd