Commonwealth – 1 DAY HSR REFRESHER WHS TRAINING (Comcare Approved)


Is it time for your HSRs to do their annual Comcare-Approved WHS Refresher Course?

This highly interactive 1-day Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) Refresher course provides an overview of new and/or recent developments with the Commonwealth WHS legislation, reviews the role, powers and rights of in HSRs in their respective workplaces and enhances a participant’s skills and behaviours to successfully carry out the role. Attendees will discuss the key attributes and behaviours of HSRs, learn from other participants what works – and what doesn’t –  and workshop ways to make a positive contribution to WHS conditions in their Work Groups. The course addresses the six overall Learning Objectives as defined by Comcare:

  1. Interpreting the work health and safety legislative framework and its relationship to the HSR;
  2. Identifying key parties, legislative obligations and duties;
  3. Establishing representation in the workplace;
  4. Participating in consultation and issues resolution;
  5. Represent members in the WHS risk management process undertaken by the PCBU; and
  6. Issuing a provisional improvement notice (PIN) and directing the cessation of work.

Within the Commonwealth Jurisdiction OSHA’s 1-Day HSR Refresher Course is a Comcare Approved Course. Courses are offered in-house for groups 8-20. Public courses are offered in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Brisbane.


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Working From Home?

Are you working full or part-time from home, or other remote working location? If so, you’re not alone. You still have a right to be able to do your work in a healthy and safe way, in a healthy and safe workplace.  The legal duties (on your employer – and you) under the WHS Act still apply, wherever the work is being done.

The “WORKING FROM HOME SAFETY HANDBOOK” is an employee guide to working safely from home (and elsewhere). For more information, download a complimentary copy of Chapter One, and to place an order for the book(s), CLICK HERE.