Are you working full or part-time from home, or other remote working location? If so, you’re not alone. You still have a right to be able to do your work in a healthy and safe way, in a healthy and safe workplace.  The legal duties (on your employer – and you) under the WHS Act still apply, wherever the work is being done.

The “WORKING FROM HOME SAFETY HANDBOOK” is an employee guide to working safely from home (and elsewhere). For more information, download a complimentary copy of Chapter One, and to place an order for the book(s), CLICK HERE.

About the book

The book largely is addressed to the worker who is preparing to undertake their work from unconventional workplaces, perhaps under flexible working arrangements they have agreed to with their employer. They may be a ‘digital nomad’, which is a type of worker who uses telecommunications technologies to earn a living and does not have an office in the conventional sense of the word. These workers can work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or even vehicles. In many cases, their workplace will be their home.

Increasing numbers of people are working full or part time from their homes.  Designers, journalists, advertising agents, real estate agents, IT specialists, artists and many other professionals can create a quality product or service while sitting in a comfortable chair in their home office or living room. You only need your employer’s desire and agreement, and you can achieve a greater level of flexibility, while still being highly productive.

The purpose of this book is to provide discussion and tips on the many issues associated with working from home and other locations outside of the employer’s main workplace. It can also be a helpful point of reference for employers of workers who have flexible working arrangements or those who are about to take on a more flexible role.

If you are a professional who works from home or unconventional locations, or if you employ or manage people who do so, this book is for you.